Reasons to Invest in Punta del Este


In Uruguay, the government promotes investment in general and maintains a favorable policy toward foreign investment. The general system is completely open and does not discriminate between foreign and domestic investors. As such, the foreign investor enjoys the same benefits as the local investor, and no prior authorization is required for foreign investments.

There are no obstacles of any kind to invest in real estate. All you need to buy a property in Punta del Este is a valid passport. You don’t even necessarily need to be in the country at the time: through a notarized power of attorney, you can appoint someone you trust to handle the purchase for you.

  • Uruguay has a long-standing tradition of observance of the law and respect for private property, which has never been jeopardized throughout changes in government. This creates an ideal framework for real estate investments, both in rural and urban properties.
  • Doing business in Uruguay is simple. There is a multilingual and qualified workforce available in every professional field.
  • Uruguay is a safe place to both live and do business in. Any person can lead a normal life and walk down the street unguarded without fear of being attacked.
  • Uruguay has bank secrecy regulations in place and depositors can choose to open accounts in international currencies (dollars, euros), thus avoiding possible fluctuations in the local currency. Moreover, there are no restrictions to currency exchange and the domestic financial market is strong, having withstood the major economic crises that affected the region in recent years.
  • Uruguay was the first country in the Americas -even ahead of the United States- to digitalize its entire telephone network. The country has full coverage in telecommunications, and the private service providers operating in Uruguay continue to lower their prices dramatically.
  • Transportation is made easy by a network of routes and roads connecting every corner of the country. There are no unreachable regions in Uruguay, and everything is just a short step away.
  • Uruguay has clean air, sparkling waters and plenty of green spaces. Your quality of life is guaranteed in a country where nature and respect for the environment rule.
  • Uruguayans are a kind, open and educated people, for the most part of European descent. Many Uruguayans speak English as a second language.
  • In Uruguay you can go from the city to the countryside or the beach in less than 30 minutes. Everything is nearby; everything is easier.