Punta del Este an ideal Investment Location


Punta Del Este is the ‘Riviera’ of Uruguay.

Tax-friendly rules combined with Uruguay’s low cost of living and beautiful surroundings make the country the perfect place for expats who want to live comfortably while protecting their investments.

Planning, foresight, investment and security have created a location which has more to offer than any equivalent in the world, both for those retiring and those setting out on a new future.

A place where the sunrises and sets over the Ocean every day!

Punta del Este ideal investment
Punta del Este location

For the serious investors, we will arrange for you to visit your choice of properties.

We can also help with hotel and transport in addition to English speaking staff that will be able to advise and guide you.

Everything you need will be provided and should you choose to invest in one of our properties your trip expenses will be deducted, providing you with your ‘first Punta Del Este experience’ for free!