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Punta del Este, the site of hemispheric summit meetings in the 1960’s, now is a place at which to be seen, and, increasingly, Americans and Europeans are joining Argentines and Uruguayans in being seen there.




Widely described as the Monte Carlo of South America, this millionaires’ playground for well-heeled South Americans is a vibrant beach resort. Known for its beautiful people and energetic nightlife, the resort boasts pristine sandy beaches, great restaurants and a temperate climate. PoloGolf, tennis, sailing, surfing and whole host of other activities are also available.

The town’s permanent population of 10,000 swells many times over on any given weekend during the season, which is from the middle of December to the middle of March, though the weather remains inviting into June.

While incredibly expensive to most Latin Americans, it’s more manageable for Europeans to splash out and feel like they are living the high life without breaking the bank.