Health and Education facilities


Uruguay has been a leading advocate of health provisions throughout South America and has created and encouraged a health service of excellence.

Its Emergency services are high standard, well equipped and speedy.

The state health service is second to no other in South America while, in the private sector, Punta del Este now has an international reputation for health treatments and especially cosmetic surgery.

Unlike many other South American countries and many European ones, the quality of drinking water and sanitation is extremely high as is the standard of hygiene required by the Junta. This, along with the superb health facilities, has helped to lower the mortality rate to one of the lowest, especially in South America.

An Internationally admired hospital is the ‘British Hospital’ founded over a 100 years ago and rated as one of the best equipped and staffed in theAmericas.


Punta del Este has some of the finest schools and colleges not only in Uruguaybut in South America. A large English speaking ex- pat community enjoys many of these although private schools are plentiful and high academic standards are continually maintained. A notable record is of being the first country to provide every school child their own laptop and free University education.