For Sale in Argentina 5.548 Acres

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                                                               5.584 Acres  in Argentina



District of Coronel Dorrego, Province of Buenos Aires 

25 Km in straight line from the Athlantic Ocean 

35 Km from Cnel Dorrego 

160 Km from the Port of Quequen 

550 Km. from Buenos Aires. 


MIXED stay with AGRICULTURAL aptitude, ideal for the fatten of bovines in winter 


It is constituted of a totally plain relief with a few waves, which are related to the hill system of Ventania, wich maximum exponent, Sierra de la Ventana, brings an additional beauty to the visible horizon from the Establishment, with its inponent figure. 

The soils are franc sandy, being deep with 55 cm of depth approximately , so that they allow the labor of all the surface. 

Because it is located near the Ports of Bahía Blanca and Quequen, the exit of the products is favored assuring a low incidence of costs in matter of transport of cereals andoleaginous. 

The presence of several commercial refrigerators for internal consumption and export in the area of influence, are also factors that favored the exit of the cattle production. 

That region is located inside the heart of the wheat nucleous of the province , and it is recognized as one of the best areas of the world to produce Barley for beer. 

In the area is also produced sunflower (1200-1700 kgs), soya and corn with regular yields (2000 kg of soya), while the colza is a cultivation in expansion which presents a very good performance. 


At August of 2010 all the field counts with lots divided with wire and in 30 parcels, with and average of 48 Ha each one. 

The best part of the lots are exploited under direct sow sinse 7 years ago until today, being the tendency of the company to exploit the hole exploitation under this system. 

Cereals and oleaginous of winter and summer are produced with exit, being the average yields of Wheat (2700-3500 kgs/Ha), barley for beer (3500-4000 kgs), oat (1800-3600 kgs/ha), sorghum for grain (3300-3800 kgs/Ha.). 

With regard to the forage exploitation, oats for intensive shepherding are produced with average yields, in intensive shepherding systems, superior than 350 rations per hectare (4-5 animals/Ha/year), the same happens with sorghum for forage, millet, moha and medic. The reserves of forage are made through the roll confection of oat, oat and vetch and pastures, and they overcome the 8 rolls of 650 kg/Ha. 

In more intensive establishments, the cut and dive of the corn and/or sorghum for forage or grain, offers a great volume of forage of high quality and with low costs which surrounds the 7/8.000 Kg of dry matter per hectare (between 21 and 25 TN of Green matter). The cost and implementation made this system of forage reservation very convenient, allowing to reduce operative costs and supply, reducing the use of corn and other grains which prices since a long time ago is traduced in loss of the cattle rent 

At this moment exist 33 Ha planted with whiner grass and clevors, which pick of productivity is during the hot months, but the contango of the forage offer allows the use of of them during all the year, in case of delay in the annual cultivated pastures, base of the feeding of the animals fatten in the establishment 

In the current plan it is carried out the fatten of 200 empty cows of discard, 700 young bulls and 450 young cows, all based on the cultivated pastures named previously, destinating to this activity 400 Ha of oat-vetch, which can be useful to determinate the receptivity . 

of these fields with annual cultivated pàstures based on oat, oat-vetch, Mollet or moha. 

The finísh of the best troops are carried out with balanced food providing energy and proteins, with a lower cost, which is obtained mixing and making rations in the establishment, with the existent machinery, cereals and/or oleaginous of own production and subproduts (loss for clearing and/or products of extra-comercial quality, corn, sorghum for grain, subproducts of malt, among others.) 


The principal acces decorated with a antique iron hall door and a huge mark of brickes and wrought iron, new cattlekeeper, grove of 3 lines in each side, of pines, cypress and eucalyptus of 1200 meters length, through them you can enter to the park of the hull of the field. 

An impressive house of 480 m2 covered, all decoratedand equipped with old furniture, gaps of fine wood like pinotea and cedrus of 3,5 meters high, plaster work of stye with fresh and murals, windows of glass with colors through wich the light enters, and 

Modern systems of air conditioning and illumination. All antique details renew ant the last technology in air conditioning cold/hot. Stairs, coating and guards of marble of carrara and Boticcino. 

The house counts with 3 principal bedrooms, one in suite in the high plant with terrace with sight to the park and some lots of the field, one huge living dinning room in “L”, desk, 3 new bathrooms and 2 chimneys. The roofs are of 4 meters high, with details in fine plaster work. The back wing of the house presents a kitchen with a kitchen of firewood and gas, daily dinning room, quincho with covered grill, room for rest and 2 bedrooms with bathroom, this part is decorated with a rustic style, with suspenders of wood at the sight constituted with sleepers of railway. Other dependences of the house are used as storage, office, and to reserve wood. All the furnitures present style and they are antique, repaired and/or conditioned to new.Outside an old mill with an Australian tank is adapted to use it as a swimming pool. 

The acces to the hull is through a gallery constituted of huge eucalyptus, coming throught the cattlekeeper of service to the complex of houses for the employees. 

Entrance for heavy traffic with a conventional door and a huge door for trucks and machinery, from where one can access to the principal plant of silos, sheds and wharfs for livestock. 

2 houses for the people in charge of agricultural and cattle production, with 2 bedrooms, , each one, living dinning room, kitchen, and laundry recently conditioned 

2 Houses for employees, all equipped with private bathrooms. 

Saloon for temporal personal with capacity for 5 people, with shower, bathroom, laundry, chimney, grill and heating. 

Hot and cold water 

1 chalet with 3 bedrooms (4 environments) to repair 

Butcher shop,stable, veterinary, forge and other sheds. 

Wire of 7 to 11 threads in good to excellent conditions. 

20 Parcels of 48 Ha each one approximately, subdivided each parcel in 3 subparceks through electric wire of 2 fixed threads, with posts 

Electric wires fed through electric current and in one of the parcels with sun screen 

Each group of 4 lots has an Australian tank and a mill, with fence tank keeper, troughs drinking troughs and corral for enclose with capacity for 800 animals each one, constructed with fixed posts and wires of 2 and 3 threads. 

The traffic between the lots also for vehicles as for machinery and implements is excellent, counting with a common door and a huge door all of them, with a cattle keeper the mayority of the head boards of communication, which allows to cross it rapidly and without need to go out from the car to open and close the doors. 

10 Complete mills distributed and working with perforations in perfect conditions whih supplies the respective australian tanks of 160.000 lts. And these ones supplies the drinking troughs corresponding to the 4 lots taht surrounds them. 

Is factible to carry out new perforations in any sector of the field to extract sweet water for the drinking troughs. 

10 Silos with an average capacity of 200 TN of wheat distributed 

2 Sleeves with its shackles, scaleon for bovines and corrals to separate animals og great capacity, one of them with 8 divisions and the other one with 3, 2 wharfs for livestock. 

2 huge Sheds of 20 x 45 x 4,10 meters with roofs of foil, structure of iron and floor of cement, with lateral plots in all it length, disposed in a functional way, next to the principal plant of silos and the area of machinery and insumps 

2 Cisterns with capacity to store 12.500 lts of fuel with spout Electro mechanic with cuadalimetro 

Three phase rural electrification in the principal house, employees house, playon and sheds, and facilities of communication by radio 

Rural telephone Imminently istalled with a low cost of service (given by the Argentinean telephonic 

Cellular coverage 3G (Telefónica Móviles S.A., MOVISTAR, CLARO, PERSONAL), and internet. 



a) Machinery and agricultural implementsMaquinaria e implementos agrícolas: 

-1 tractor Zanello-Pauny 540 C, 220 horses, model 2003, Dual wheels, double traction 

-1 tractor Zanello 230 C, 120 horses model ´94 

-1 tractor Massey Ferguson 1078 model ’78 

-1 mixer-distributor of rations Mainero 9010 with scale and computer, capacity of 3000 kgs. model ´98 

-1 machinery to squash grains Carpil with electrical engine and complete pulleys, model 2003 

-1 connected carrier of grains with hydraulic loader, 8 tons, complete 

-1 connected carrier – elevator of grains, 14 tons, new (2004) 

-1 Direct drill of 7 meters of labor (40 lines) mark Crucianelli Pionera, with fertilization on line new (2004), for sowing thin grains and corn and soybean by chorrillo’s way . 

-1 Track with vertebraes 56 discs x 95 kgs, mark Crucianelli Master, new (2004) 

-1 Reaper with rollers of green forages mark ASPROMAC, model 1999. 

-1 game of compactors rolls mark Yomel, year 2003 

-1 recollector, carrier and hydraulic distributor of 6 rolls mark Gimetal, model 2003. 

-1 atomizer of 17,5 meters, 33 beaks, with antileak system, deformable parallel with Italian bomb and tank 3500 Lts., Caiman, year 2004, suitable for herbicides and liquid fertilizer, with bomb of complete charge. 

-2 hydraulic “scullions” to carrier the rolls 

-1200 lineal meters of installed feeding-places, 

-10 protective fences of rolls of iron 

- An incalculable quantity of lineal meters of electrical wire, rods of iron, candles, quite well isolated and in functioning. 

b) Livestock: 

- according to the inventory at the moment of the operation.