Brief Overview

Geographical Features, Climate and Environment


Uruguay Map


Regarded as the ‘Riviera’ of South America, the Uruguayan city of Punta del Este is situated on an archipelago between the Atlantic and the River Plate.

Punta del Este is neither really a City nor a Resort but a combination with similarities to Marbella with which it is twinned.

The Climate is similar although less extreme and being in the southern hemisphere, is reversed, January being the hottest month with July the coolest.





On the Atlantic front the coast compares with those of Portugal whereas on the southern coast, the location of the River Plate and Gorriti Island creates an almost ideal lagoon for clean, stable and sandy beaches as well as a substantial Marina.

Punta del Este


The Landward side is largely unpopulated areas of fertile plains and low hills with a great abundance of fresh water much of which is considered for further potential development.

Uruguay has an unequalled record in the Americas for environmental concerns and Punta del Este reflects this policy.